Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express (Beta)

XNA Game Studio Express enables individuals and small teams to more easily create video games using new, optimized cross-platform gaming libraries for Windows and Xbox 360. This beta release targets the development of games for Windows. The final version of XNA Game Studio Express will be available this holiday season and will enable development of games which target Windows and upon purchase of a XNA Creators Club subscription, the Xbox 360 as well.

Note: This release requires Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition to be installed before proceeding. The August 2006 DirectX Software Development Kit is required for the tools needed for audio development

Download: XNA Game Studio Express Beta
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Quick Details
File Name: XGSESetup-Beta1.msi
Version: Beta
Date Published: 8/30/2006
Language: English
Download Size: 91.2 MB

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