Microsoft's Windows Store gets a new layout

The Windows Store in the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 is a dramatic shift for Microsoft as it will open up a new revenue stream for the company and will also provide consumers with a convenient and secure way to purchase applications for the platform. Rolling out today, according to one user on Twitter, is a revamped design for the layout of the store.

The new look can be seen above and it should not come as a surprise that Microsoft has tweaked the layout. We fully expect Microsoft will continue to refine layout up until the launch day of Windows 8 and if the Xbox 360 is any indication, we could see several overhauls of the layout in the next few years.

The Windows Store is slowly being filled with content. When there are only a few applications, it is easy to sort and align them to broad categories. As the store grows, the refinement of categories will be critical to keeping the store organized to make sure consumers can find the application that fits their needs.

Let us know if you see the new look, Michael Gillett in the UK said that he can see it, but currently I cannot see it in the US. 

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