Microsoft's corporate logo gets Windows 8 makeover

There was a lot of excitement yesterday as Microsoft showed off its interpretation of the ideal Windows tablet. The product was welcomed with open arms by the majority of those who viewed the announcement and during the keynote, Microsoft also slipped out a new iteration of its corporate logo.

Seen in the picture below and spotted by Paul Thurott, the new corporate logo takes inspiration from Windows 8 and is based on the Segoe font. While Microsoft has not rolled out this logo across of its divisions, this appears to be the first time the logo has made its debut publicly. There has been no confirmation by Microsoft if this is the new corporate standard, but it is showing up in quite a few places on their website.

The new logo is certainly a noticeable change from the previous logo which you can see above. The updated logo looks fresh, simple and clean compared to the older iteration. 

So what do you think, is it a step in the right direction or are you still tied to the old, yet comforatable logo? 


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