Microsoft's new Surface Hub app helps you "get the most out of" your Surface Pro 3

Last week, Microsoft pushed out an unexpected firmware update for the Surface Pro 3, which the company said would enable "upcoming configuration options" for the Surface Pen that comes with the device. A day later, details emerged of an upcoming app that would allow users to customize the Pen in various ways. 

That app is now here, harnessing the enhancements that Microsoft delivered in its firmware update, and permitting users to change some of their preferences for the Pen. Surface Hub will help you to "get the most of your Surface", the company says, with options to adjust the sensitivity of the stylus, and to customize the button that usually launches OneNote, situated at the opposite end to the pen-tip. 

However, the options are fairly limited for now. The pressure sensitivity settings may not be granular enough for some users, but many will no doubt welcome even this as a good first step.  Likewise, there is limited scope to customize the buttons; the OneNote button can only be changed to launch either the desktop or Modern versions of OneNote - but not to launch another application, such as Photoshop - while the other buttons located on the side of the Pen still can't be customized at all. 

However, the Surface Hub will be improved upon and expanded in the weeks and months ahead. A source familiar with Microsoft's plans told us that the company intends to offer 'customization of more Surface accessories' through the app in the future, but did not elaborate further. 

For now, users can send their feedback on the current Surface Hub release via a dedicated screen in the app, so if there are any features that you particularly want to see in the future, be sure to let Microsoft know. 

Download: Windows Store | via WPCentral | images via Microsoft

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