Microsoft's reorg all but certain, several execs rumored for promotion

For the past few weeks, we have been hearing whispers that Microsoft is about to under-go a major restructuring. The rumors have been persistent as we head up to the close of Microsoft’s fiscal year (June 30th) with the expectations that the restructuring will take place after they close the books.

In his annual shareholder letter, Ballmer stated that Microsoft is a “devices and services company” and many believe that the restructuring will focus around this same concept.  AllthingsD is reporting that Microsoft is about to give Don Mattrick, president of its Interactive Entertainment division, Satya Nadella, head of the Servers and Tools division and Tony Bates, head of its Skype communications division, more prominent roles within the company.  

These three individuals are expected to receive key roles in the new structure but how exactly all of the company’s business lines, such as Windows, will fall into the new structure is still unknown at this time.

Microsoft, or more specifically, Ballmer, has come under fire for Microsoft’s missteps over the past few years with being late to the market with Windows Phone and a tablet OS. Shareholders have been calling for change for sometime and it will be interesting to see if this re-org will help make the company more versatile and integrated.

You can bet that if this re-org does not appease shareholders and help boost the stock price, the headhunt for Ballmer will be stronger and louder than ever.

Source: AllthingsD | Image via Microsoft

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