Microsoft's secret 'Courier' booklet device unveiled

With rumors abound that Apple is bringing out a tablet device at the start of next year, people seem to have forgotten about opposition. Gizmodo certainly haven't forgotten, and they've just released the first details of a new take on the tablet device... from Microsoft. You heard that correctly; Microsoft is going to be bringing out a tablet-like device soon, which is named the 'Courier'.

Gizmodo states that the Courier device isn't actually a tablet, but more of a booklet; it boasts two (approximately) 7-inch screens, held together with a hinge, giving it that book-like appearance. The hinge in the middle will hold a home button, similar to the iPhone, and the outer rim of one of the screens will display statuses, such as battery life and wireless signal. To add to this, the back of the Courier will hold a camera.

The project started as a secret, known only to a few people within Microsoft, such as J. Allard who is apparently leading the way with the device. It is said that the device is now at the stage where the company is building up the UI, as well as demonstrating it to other companies. The aim for it is to be like a book, in a way; it is designed to be written and drawn on using a stylus, but also allowing the user to use their fingers, too. Gizmodo says they'll be unveiling more about it as time goes on, so keep an eye out for this.

Images courtesy of Gizmodo.

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