Mininova goes legit, deletes all illegal material

Today, public torrent website Mininova officially called it quits with illegally distributing copyright material on its site, and has introduced filters to block copyright content from being uploaded.

The website is largely known as the second biggest public torrent tracker in the world, second to The Pirate Bay, which recently disabled their tracker, but remains operational using DHT and PEX.

Mininova has been under a lot of pressure from court rulings to implement copyright filters or take the website offline. Last August, the courts ruled in favor against Mininova and up until now, the website has taken its time to implement filters into its uploading to prevent further prosecution.

Mininova will no longer support copyrighted material to its website, which would have used specific filters to block uploaded content, but says it was impossible to filter 100% of copyright material. Mininova later scraped that project and decided to go with their limited content distribution method, only allowing specific materials on their website and removing most of their material.

Now with two of the largest websites finally submitting to RIAA and MPAA lawsuits and court rulings, the world of torrent based websites is slowly coming to an end, but will only push illegal downloaders further underground and into other methods of downloading.

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