Mitnick gets his Ham License back

Ah... isnt that nice :)

"The notorious computer hacker recently regains his right to use his beloved ham radio as his years-long probation nears its end. He's schmoozing with Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. Christmas came early for notorious computer hacker Kevin Mitnick. A former fugitive from justice who wound up serving a five-year prison term for computer crimes against companies including Sun Microsystems and Motorola, Mitnick is enjoying a midlife renaissance. In a wide-ranging interview, the 39-year-old Mitnick discussed brightened prospects, which include the end of the three-year-long probation that followed his release from prison, the auctioning off of his memorabilia on eBay and the launch of a filmmaking venture with Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey.

Mitnick's holiday gift came courtesy of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which on Monday released a decision that grants Mitnick his ham radio license renewal after a protracted battle. Ham radio has been a hobby for Mitnick since he was 13 years old. While he now uses it primarily to talk to friends, he credits the hobby with having led to his interest in computer hacking. "

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