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Mobile browser wars continue, desktop browser shares remain unchanged



It's that time of the month folks. Net Applications has just released its data on web browsers and traffic for March. This month, they have posted some interesting results among the normal results one typically sees in the browser markets.

Safari has seen some losses lately due to the competition from other mobile browsers. It looks like some of that loss has been gained back, however. Safari rose to hold more than 61.79 percent of web traffic on mobile devices, which is an six percentage point increase from February. Android's stock browser held second place at 21.86 percent and Internet Explorer holds 2 percent for mobile traffic.

The gain by Safari is semi-unexpected, due to the fact that it has been losing share or remaining level for the last year. Gains are to be expected relating to Android browsers and Internet Explorer, due to the rise of popularity of Android and WP8 devices.

The most popular version of mobile Safari is Safari 6.0, which holds 38.5 percent of market share (indicates that these devices run iOS 6.x). In Android, the most popular version is Android Browser 4.0, which holds 21.5 percent of share.  

The desktop market remains unchanged, for the most part. IE10 saw a rise to 2.9 percent from its 1.6 percent share in February. The rest of the market remained unchanged, however. Internet Explorer had a 55.8 percent share, followed by Firefox with 20.2 percent, and Chrome with 16.4 percent (Chrome has dropped in market share over the last year).

Image Courtesy of: Net Applications

Source: Net Applications

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