More ISP Confess: We Throttle P2P Traffic

Adding itself to the small-but-growing list of ISPs that admit to traffic shaping, Canada-based Bell Simpatico has confessed to using "traffic management" on heavy users "during peak hours."

"We are now using a Internet Traffic Management to restrict accounts," wrote an unnamed forum administrator on Bell Simpatico's support forums. According to the administrator, Bell Simpatico's traffic shaping affects an unmentioned number of applications and protocols, including BitTorrent, Gnutella, Limewire, Kazaa, eDonkey, eMule and WinMX. A Bell Simpatico Manager chimed in immediately afterwards, explaining that "there continues to be phenomenal growth of consumer Internet traffic throughout the world" and that "Bell is using Internet Traffic Management to ensure we deliver bandwidth fairly to our customers during peak Internet usage."

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