Motorola introduces a phone made from recycled water bottles

Motorola has officially jumped onto the eco-friendly bandwagon, though this bandwagon is a good one. The struggling mobile phone manufacturer has introduced the Moto W233 Renew and is hoping people, especially environmentalists, take notice.

While the Renew, as a phone, isn't that impressive, sporting GSM connectivity and a small 1.6" screen with a 128 x 128 resolution, it's the housing that should catch your attention. The plastics that comprise the shell of the phone are made entirely from plastics produced from recycled water bottles. This use of recycled materials means that the manufacturing process uses 20% less energy and that the outer shell of the phone is 100% recyclable. The Renew is also the first mobile device to receive the CarbonFree certification from Motorola is also boasting the device's 9 hour talk time, which means you'll also spend less time and electricity charging it up.

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