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MSBlast suspect pleads guilty

Jeffrey Lee Parson today pleaded guilt to creating the "MSBlast" variant "MSBlast.B", which caused so may problems for computer users. For those who don't remember the original Blaster worm exploited the DCOM RPC vulnerability using the TCP port 135. However only Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines were affected by this worm.

This isn't a closed case yet, Jeffrey Parson still has to face his sentencing scheduled for November 12, 2004. Parson could face jail time with a timeframe of 18 to 37 months in prison. The prosecutors claim that Parson's "MSBlast.B" worm infected more than 48,000 computers. It's likely that the number of infected computers will affect the length of Parsons prison sentence in November.

It's good to see that virus creators are getting tougher penalties for their crimes. Though in this case I wish that they would have found the creator of the first Blaster worm. Still a catch is a catch.

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