MSI shows off some prototypes of what could be used to cool your next PC graphics card

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If you bought a new high-end graphics card recently, you know that they are both getting bigger and also getting hotter. It will likely become an issue to cool them down in the future as they get more powerful. Today at Computex 2023, MSI showed off a number of prototype graphics card cooling solutions that could be used in future products, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

mis dynamic bimetallic fins

PC Gamer got to see these prototypes up close and get more info on how they would work. One is called Dynamic Bimetallic Fins. The article states:

The bread, so to speak, is made up of two aluminum sheets, and the tasty filling is a copper sheet. The combined fins end up being around 1mm thick, which is roughly 3-4x thicker than your regular single fin, but the mixing of metals helps dissipate heat better—dropping temperatures by 3 degrees Celsius according to MSI.

Another possible solution is to use a thermoelectric cooler plate that would cover the GPU and its memory. The heat would then be removed to a radiator via liquid cooling. Yet another proposal is DynaVC, which would combine the card's vapor chamber and heat pipes. This is supposed to allow heat to move better between the GPU and the heat pipes. T

The most interesting, and most advanced, of MSI's graphics cooler prototypes is what the company is calling FushionChill. PC Gamer says:

Essentially, FushionChill is a liquid-cooled GPU with every part—including the radiator that usually comes connected via tubing on today's cards—within the graphics card shroud.

The design also includes a radiator that's deeper than normal ones and has an increased fin pitch. MSI claims that using this method can cool a GPU by as much as 10 degrees Celsius more than normal methods.

Since all of these concepts are in the prototype stage, there's no word one when these cooling solutions, if any, will be added to future MSI graphics card. It's possible a card could combine two of these methods for more effective cooling. However, they also have the potential to make graphics cards as a whole more expensive.

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