MyDoom Forces SCO To Change Address

The SCO Group has thwarted the malicious intentions of the MyDoom virus by establishing an alternative Web site. The company is asking customers, resellers and developers to use for the next twelve days. The MyDoom, or Novarg, virus that currently is preventing access to is scheduled to expire on February 12th, 2004.

Originally, it was expected that the increased traffic resulting from the virus would begin today. However, the SCO Group's Web site was knocked offline over the weekend, due to incorrectly set clocks on infected PCs. SCO has incurred the wrath of the open-source community with its US$3 billion lawsuit against IBM, which claims that IBM misappropriated SCO's Unix source code and incorporated it into Linux. If SCO wins the suit, it could have devastating repercussions on the Linux community. Another variant of MyDoom is aimed at Microsoft -- SCO's tactical supporter in this fight, as Linux is a growing threat against Microsoft. But that strain, MyDoom.B, is not as widespread as the one that has brought down the SCO Group site.

News source: NewsFactor

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