NeoBay Scammer Caught, We Need Your Help!

As many members have found out, our own buy and sell forum, the uniquely named NeoBay, has done quite well since it's launch. We've had about 7,000 sales, most of them happy. However, recently, a rather nasty member joined up and decided to scam NeoBayers out of their hard earned cash. Bad news, yes, but the good news is that this user was caught, and has been brought up in front of a judge.

This is where we need your help. If you've dealt with

the accused,
Pheonix 2004 / Adam Howard on NeoBay, we need information on your transactions.

On January 18th Adam Howard goes back to the court house for a restitution hearing. This is where a Judge reviews the evidence and decides how much Restitution Adam needs to pay back to his victims.

I need to get any emails (receipts, complaint emails, etc.) that has any dealing with Adam Howard (especially the PayPal emails) forwarded to ASAP

so I can pass this information on to the DA.
If you no longer have these emails I will need some sort of proof (screenshot, letter from PayPal, something) that you made the Payment to Adam. If you do not forward this information not only will you lose out on any sort of refund but that will be less money Adam has to pay out of his pocket for the crimes he committed.

The more information sent to the above email address by affected users, the better. The success that we've had bringing Adam Howard to trial is a testament to

Frank and his hard work in that forum, and also serves to prove that scammers online

can be tracked down and caught.

In slightly brighter Neowin news, we're still running a competition for a free Neowin Subscription! All you have to do is guess the final value for the last few pixels on the MillionDollarHomepage - entries can be posted here.

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