NeoBytes :) Conan O'Brien introduces the more affordable Apple Pocketwatch

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With the impending release of the Apple Watch, some might have quite a bit to think about if they are going to purchase Apple's first wearable. While some might not be able to justify the starting price of $349 for the base model, others might find it to be a small drop in the bucket when it comes to their vast collection of mobile products. Luckily, there's another option available for those looking for a lower price option: The Apple Pocketwatch.

Harking back to a simpler time for inspiration, comedian Conan O'Brien has created a more "affordable" solution for the rest of us in the form of the Apple Pocketwatch. For a mere $259, O'Brien will convert your current iPhone into a Apple Pocketwatch utilizing a heavy-duty silver chain and fancy mounting apparatus for your iPhone. The harmonization of these two pieces along with the iPhone creates something truly unique and will no doubt change they way we view wearables, forever.

Naturally, this option might not appeal to everyone and those looking to for something a bit more refined will most likely want to opt for Apple's official watch that launches on April 24th, 2015. The watch will start at $349 and top out at $10,000 USD for a limited edition luxury model.

Source: Team CoCo

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