NeoCast #001 - We started a groupcast!

Click above to listen to the recorded podcast. Video feed below.

Contributing Staff:
Brad Sams (@bdsams) and Tim Schiesser (@ScorpusV)

Topics Discussed:

  1. Microsoft's retail presence with the Surface
  2. The first OTA update on Windows Phone 8
  3. Apple v. Microsoft, SkyDrive and in-app payments
  4. Windows Phone 7.8 and Microsoft's lack of communication
  5. Google+ technical difficulties (yay!)
  6. ...and more!

We call it a Groupcast because it's not just us doing the talking, it's you too! On this episode we had few Neowin readers join us live to chat, on air, and provide their own commentary. 

We host a Google+ Hangout every Wednesday 8:00 PM ET; check back next week for how to join and chat with the staff of Neowin about Microsoft and a variety of tech topics. There's also a video of us chatting for this episode which you can check out below.

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