NeoGamr features and news for week of April 15th

NeoGamr officially launched earlier this month and there's already a lot of original content and news stories on the site. Every Sunday we will have a round-up of our past week's features and important news items on the site here on Neowin.

This past week we posted interviews with Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris on the launch of Tribes: Ascend, the revival of the classic first person shooter series. Also we chatted with inXile's Brian Fargo about their successful Kickstarter campaign to fund Wasteland 2 (you still have time to contribute if you wish).

A new editorial takes EA to task about their iOS games. Our GamrBytes column shows how to play for "real" in Skyrim, We also take a different look at the recent demo for Sniper Elite V2. Our new Retro Wednesday feature looks back at the first of the Ultima RPGs.

Our latest gaming podcast (which we record and broadcast live every Tuesday night) is available to download. Finally, you might still be able to enter our latest giveaway where we have three Steam codes to give out for Gettysburg: Armored Warfare.

Plus we had a ton of game news to report on last week, including Skyrim getting Kinect support, Resident Evil 6 coming out earlier than promised, and a Valve team member giving some hints about a possible "wearable computing" hardware project

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