Neowin News - Jokes Forum reinstated

After many moons of debate we have decided to bring back the Jokes Forum due to popular demand and because we like a good laugh at Neowin and what better place to find that than in its very own forum.

I haven't posted there yet because I wanted to see if wazat ;) was paying any attention to this change on the Neowin forums.

Again, most of our regular visitors will know why the forum was deleted along with very many posts but I will refresh your memory for the benefit of new users on Neowin. We had an issue where some of our younger users were exposed to forum posts that contained for the most part nudity, this is when the Jokes was combined with the "Babes" section of the forums.

We have a clear policy on Neowin that forbids the posting of pornographic images. Members who violate this will be banned without prior warning. I would like to add that "babes threads" are unacceptable even in this part of the forums. Please do not make us remove that section again.

To sum up the above, we at Neowin try to accomadate for ages 13 and up, our younger viewers are required by our "Coppa agreement" to be accompanied by a parent while browsing the forums. Please remember this while posting what you consider to be acceptable in the forums.

Also we are aware of the signup problems some users are having while using free or "banned" email addresses, this will be resolved shortly.

View: Enjoy the Jokes Forum @ Neowin

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