Nero + changelog

Thanks Matthey, for the heads up that Nero had released the changelog for Nero

Changes from Nero to

    Features Added:
    • added several new recorders.

    • Implemented many accessibility features
    • Speed up checking for dynamic read/write speed support
    • Better recognition of Data-Multisession-CDs
    • Erasing with 12x has been improved

    Bug Fixes

    • The burn page showed always "OK" instead of "Burn", when the image recorder was selected.
    • Nero did not write correct hybrid CDs because of wrong volume descriptor chain. The Hybrid CDs written by Nero to were completely unreadable under MacOS and Windows :-(
    • Updated VMPEGEnc.dll: Fixes problem creating thumbnails where data comes from slow media
    • Ejecting was not called after erase procedure.
    • Fix bug in Conversion for Ultraraw96 recorders. Readers with RawMode2-reading (e.g. IDE-CD-ROM drives) were not able to copy on-the-fly Mode2-Tracks (2352 Bytes, e.g. VCD)
    • Nero could crash when dropping a directory into a VCD compilation which has the name of a VCD special file
    • Fixed reading large multisession info files (error message "Error while reading from CD. Possibility of corrupt data" in case of continuing multisession CDs with a large amount of files (>1000))
    • Fixed unlocking bug. (prevents Audio CD from ejecting after drag&drop has been made)
    • Increased Video-CD rear margin size to avoid problem when playing back Video-CD burnt in TAO under Windows ME
    • Allow possibility to detect 2x speed for reading and writing.
    • Disable check box in recorder selection dialog for 'Buffer underrun protection' feature in case it's not changeable.
    • Implement automatic refresh of the Filebrowser on file/directory changes.
News source: Nero

Download: Nero - Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3 or HTTP mirror or (thanks vizii) CDR-Zone Mirror - (10.9Mb, 23rd January 2002)

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