Net virus 'fizzes' across Asia, U.S.

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- A new computer virus, the "Fizzer" worm, spread rapidly across the Internet on Monday, infecting computer users in Asia, Europe and the United States, anti-virus officials said.

Businesses in Asia were the first to report the attack. By mid-day in Europe, tens of thousands of computer users had been hit, with more cases expected in North America as the business day wears on.

UK-based virus detection firm MessageLabs recorded 17,765 cases in 24 hours to 1530 GMT. "We've upgraded it to high-risk just for the fact that we've seen so many in the last day," said Mark Toshack, a virus analyst at MessageLabs.

The worm, which carries random subject lines, disables computer users' anti-virus and firewall software, but is otherwise not a threat to users' personal files. The biggest headache was the extra traffic it generated, bogging down corporate networks.

News source: CNN

Update: Thanks Michel who commented that full details on this worm can be viewed here

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