Netscape 7.2 To Be Released August 3rd

Straight from the jaws of Slashdot, Netscape 7.2 will be released August 3, 2004. This finally puts down the rumors on whether or not a new version of Netscape was in the works. Who knows maybe Netscape 7.2 will an exciting new look, or maybe even some new features.

Following up a story from May, linux2004 writes "for those who thought Netscape was dead after firing all their staff and spinning Mozilla off into a non-profit foundation, then think again. It was announced a while back that Netscape would continue releases of their browser suite and now the release date has been confirmed as August 3rd as a free download or by buying a CD. I don't think it'll take the attention away from Firefox but will be a decent upgrade for those using Netscape 7.1. The 7.2 release will be based on Mozilla 1.7 and will probably have the usual Netscape additions."

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