New details emerge about Microsoft's canceled Xbox VR headset

There was a lot of excitement a couple years ago, when Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, celebrating a console that would offer support for 4K gaming and virtual reality. A year later, the company would reiterate support for those features, when christening Project Scorpio with its retail name and debuting the Xbox One X. Fast forward to June of this year, when Microsoft would officially shelve its VR plans for the Xbox One.

While this was disappointing news to some, but by evaluating the climate for VR, it really wasn't all that surprising to see Microsoft let it go and allow others to push the movement forward. According to a new report by CNET, while developing its VR headset, Microsoft was speaking with several developers to create VR games for the Xbox One.

There aren't many details when it comes to the look of the unit, but the source does state that the displays that were found in the headset were good, but not better than what you might find in something from Oculus or HTC. The headset would have most likely have been able to create an experience that is similar to Sony's PlayStation VR. Some in the know think that the quality level of the VR headset would have been a mismatch to the Xbox One X.

There was also some talk of the technical limitations of current VR headsets. While being tethered through a cable is all well and good, it isn't ideal. In order to offer a wireless experience, the solution would have been costly, even by today's standards. So in the end, it seems like there were a variety of reasons why the company didn't keep pushing, but so far, Phil Spencer and his team have done a good job with the Xbox One X and seem to have a handle on what the future of gaming could look like.

Source: CNET

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