New French Nokia Lumia 800 TV ad heads for the light

The UK has already launched its marketing campaign for Nokia's Lumia 800 smartphone with an interesting TV campaign that has the tag line The Amazing Everyday. Now it's the French's turn to offer up a new Lumia 800 phone TV ad of their own. As spotted on, the commercial, which can be seen above, once again promotes the Windows Phone-based device with an artistic campaign rather than showing off the features of the smartphone.

The video shows a crowd of people, seemingly from all walks of life, running in slow motion towards a bright light in the center of the room. Some of the citizens in the crowd get a little violent, pushing and even punching others in the face in order to be the first to reach the light. Naturally the end of the commercial shows that the light is in fact supposed to be the Nokia Lumia 800. The add ends with some kind of offer to get the phone with extra content from what looks like French pop stars and celebrities.

So far the TV commercials we have seen for Windows Phone-based devices fall into two camps. One is actually showing the phone in action with its various features and user interface, such as the ones we have seen for the HTC Radar and the Samsung Focus Flash. The Nokia Lumia 800 TV ads from Europe, on the other hand, have put the features of the smartphone on the back burner in favor of wild and wacky people, with little to no connection with the phone itself.

It will be interesting to see what Nokia does for its US marketing campaign for the Lumia smartphones when they are released.

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