New leak shows images that Call of Duty series could return to World War II

Last year, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare made its debut in May and was immediately followed by a lot of hate. So much so, that Activision, responded with a statement. As you can imagine, the title did not perform well and during the publisher's quarterly earnings call, they announced that the franchise would be returning to its roots for the next release. While we are still quite a ways off from an official announcement, it appears that images have leaked online, showing what could be in store for the next iteration in the series.

The leaks come courtesy of YouTube channel, TheFamilyVideoGamers, which received an anonymous email with a variety of different images. The title which is being dubbed Call of Duty: WWII for now, takes the series, as you might have guessed, back to World War II. In addition to a few posters, the leak also contained images of alleged steel cases for the game.

While we won't receive confirmation for the title until a few months from now, what might lay a bit more credibility to the leak is that, apparently, Activision has been issuing DMCA complaints in regards to the leaked material.

Source: TheFamilyVideoGamers via Reddit, MSPoweruser

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