New video shows off the canceled Xbox Watch in action

Last week, new images leaked of Microsoft's canceled Xbox Watch. Now, the very same leakster has published a hands-on video showing the wearable device in action.

Obviously, this is an early prototype, so functionality is quite limited. In fact, the watch seems to keep rebooting, which could be due to a poor battery. The user seems to be constantly adjusting the cable that the wearable is connected to, and we can see the battery indicator vary throughout the video.

It does provide a bit of insight into what the UI would have been like. It's all very similar to the Windows Phone interface was like, or even the old Zune UI. The only apps shown off are Workouts, Freeplay, and Settings.

Workouts brought him to a screen that asked him to subscribe to something, while Freeplay gives the option to turn on GPS before the device shuts down. Settings is what you'd expect, showing off device information and such.

Obviously, this device will never see the light of day, but it's fun to see what might have been in videos like these. Check out the full hands-on video below:

Source: YouTube via Windows Blog Italia

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