Nokia may have only sold 330k phones in the US [Update]

A new report is saying that Nokia's Lumia family of devices sold only 330k devices in the US. If true, this is a devastating blow to Nokia and Microsoft as the Lumia 900 and 710 were expected to be a domianting force in the mobile market but so far have done little to to improve the marketshare for the platform.

Even more worrying is that Nokia is in need of a blockbuster device after the company bet the farm on Windows Phone and if sales continue to be weak, the company could run out of cash before it is able to turn the ship around. 

Asymco assembled its calculation based on Nielsen and comScore which says that there are 110 million smartphone users and of which, 1.3% is owned by Windows Phone. From that percentage Nielsen gives Nokia .3% of the 1.3% marketshare and by working backwards you can quantify 330K devices sold, based on this data.

We need to emphasis that these are not confirmed numbers but are based on market data that is independently compiled. But both data sources, Nielsen and comScore, are close enough that the margin of error would be within reason to allow you to conclude that the above numbers likely reflect actual market conditions.

In our interview with Nokia, the company promised exciting new devices coming this Fall and next Spring, let's hope they arrive in time and drive the momentum Nokia and Microsoft need to claw back in to this market. Update: Nielsen said it does not support this method of determining sales, take the information with a grain of salt.


Update: Nielsen has spoken up on how its figures have been used, saying it does not support multiplying its numbers with those of Comscore, as they measure subtly different elements of the market. They added that they therefore "do not feel the 300,000 number is accurate".

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