nVIDIA at it again?

Thanks Schmoove for his post in BPN

Let me try my best to bring you up to speed. First, there was a late, difficult birth for NVIDIA's new line of GeForce FX chips, especially the stillborn GeForce FX 5800 Ultra. Then, NVIDIA voiced complaints and concerns about FutureMark's new version of 3DMark, the DirectX 9-based 3DMark03. 3DMark's publisher, FutureMark, fought back, and it was a hoot—a big, public brawl between hardware vendor and benchmark house.

Once GeForce FX review units finally trickled out to reviewers, folks started finding driver optimizations on the FX cards that reduced image fidelity to gain performance. NVIDIA's spiffy new Detonator FX drivers seemed to fix that problem, and improved performance dramatically. But then ExtremeTech published an article exposing specific optimizations in the Detonator FX drivers intended to inflate 3DMark03 benchmark scores. Hmm....

Sound fishy?

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