OnePlus disables controversial color filter camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro

Image credit: Reddit

The OnePlus 8 Pro launched with a quad-camera setup on the back, which included a fairly unique color filter camera, meant to apply special color effects to pictures. However, earlier this month, some users noticed that the camera could be used to see through certain kinds of plastic, and later, through clothes as well. Naturally, this prompted OnePlus to announce that it would be disabling the color filter camera, though the announcement was only made for users in China.

As reported by XDA-Developers, however, an update is now rolling out to the OnePlus 8 Pro in other regions of the globe, bringing the OxygenOS version up to 10.5.9 up from 10.5.8. The sole change mentioned in the changelog for this update is the removal of the Photocrome filter in the Camera app, which is what OnePlus users refer to the color filter camera.

It's worth noting, however, that the company doesn't intend for this to be a permanent measure, and you won't have a useless camera on the phone forever. The changelog also mentions that OnePlus plans to bring the feature back in "around June", though that schedule is subject to change. Presumably, some changes will be made to how the camera works in order to remove the ability to see through objects.

The update is rolling out to users gradually, so you may not see it right away, but it should make its way to everyone over the next few days. Some may consider this to be coming a little late, though, since there are ways updates can be avoided, potentially leaving ill-intended users with access to the privacy-violating capabilities indefinitely.

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