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OnePlus takes a step towards 7000mAh battery for mid-range phones

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OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 12 earlier this year with a 5,400mAh battery, which is a good size battery for a modern-day flagship. However, the company took it a notch above by introducing the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro in China with a 6,100mAh battery.

Recently, a report popped up by a leaker Digital Chat Station on Weibo, saying that OnePlus is working on a 6,500mAh battery. The battery was tipped to be included in one of the upcoming OnePlus flagship devices. While no specific device name was put forward, it was assumed to be the OnePlus 13 or the OnePlus Ace 4, which is due for launch sometime next year.

Cut to now, another leak from Digital Chat Station has surfaced on Weibo suggesting that OnePlus and OPPO have gone beyond the 6,500mAh battery and are currently working on a battery with capacity heading towards the 7,000mAh mark.

One of the interesting things that the tipster mentioned was that OnePlus and OPPO are speculated to be developing a 7,000mAh battery for a mid-range phone. In the case of OnePlus, if we talk about a mid-range phone, then the alleged 7,000mAh battery could fit inside one of the Nord-lineup of phones.

On the other hand, speaking of OPPO, the alleged 7,000mAh battery could be installed inside one of the brand's A-series smartphones. But these are just speculations, and the companies could introduce a new lineup with a big battery.

Notably, this won't be the first time a phone comes with a 7,000mAh battery. There are a few mainstream phones that have packed such a large battery earlier, such as the Samsung Galaxy F62 and Galaxy M51.

Besides, there have been some niche brands that have launched smartphones with 10,000mAh or even 22,000mAh batteries but with a chunky design. However, OnePlus has recently introduced its "Glacier Battery" technology in the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro.

The "Glacier Battery" technology is silicon-based batteries that have higher density and allow for greater capacity to be fitted in a smaller battery. This is the reason the Ace 3 Pro is 9mm thick and weighs just about 207 grams. So, with OnePlus' technology, the mid-range phone with a 7,000mAh battery won't bring a dramatic increase in size and weight.

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