Orange SPV MS smartphone cert security cracked

One person I know has one of these, and was rather peeved that he could NOT run "his own" apps on this beast, but now, according to sites The Register and MoDaCo, some clever fellows have cracked the block that stops non-signed Orange code running on these devices.

Orange has set the phones up so they will only run Orange-certified applications, but as yet hasn't got much further than promises when it comes to telling people how you develop for it, get apps certified, get development systems and so on.

But, now MoDaCo has published details on how to get non Orange code running on your new shiney SPV phone, they have details on how to do this feat, they have checked it out, it works and there's a certain amount of happly cackling from that direction.

There seem to be at least two basic procedures to follow. One involves resetting the phone (and apparently revolves around some kind of bug), and apparently works on French phones, the other looks to be more durable solution and may appeal to Windows hackers pining for a registry to mess around with...

News source: The Register

View: MoDaCo Method #1 and MoDaCo Method #2

Additional News source: Smartphony

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