Paul Thurrott puts the Leopard vs Vista War into Perspective

Those of you who have seen Steve Jobs' recent keynote speech at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) will have undoubtedly made your own minds up over what Apple's answer to Bill Gates had to say.

It is, however, important for both the Windows and the OSX camp to sit back and take in both sides of the argument. Sure, Jobs is accusing Microsoft of being copycats and criticising their effectiveness to bring Vista to our desktops, and right he is about that. But lets not forget how the world's technological figureheads work - when they start criticising each other, they've always got something to hide themselves.

Resident tech-guy Paul Thurrot can thankfully shed light on these hidden home-truths, and his August 9 article all about that WWDC keynote, its accuracies, its inaccuracies and the things they'd rather you don't know is quite an illuminating read.

Set yourself ten minutes aside and learn a few things about the two next big things from the two biggest players in the personal computing world.

Link: Paul Thurrott - 'Apple OSX Leopard: Who's the copycat now?'
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