PowerUser.TV e47: Hacker-U, EA Buys Mythic, and More!

This week Brad makes his triumphant return from somewhere up north (and Kristin gets told exactly where! ) In news, the team discusses the French backing down against Apple on DRM, a 500 GHz (yes, that's gigahertz! ) chip and you too can now go to school to become a 1337 h4x0r!!1 AT&T revises it's privacy policy to say it's still evil, just clearer about it and the Georgia Institute of Tech devises a way to foil pirates right in the theaters. We also discuss how the Chinese are digging Maxthon for it's proxy goodness and Brad saves not one but two turtles!

In game news, Joel, er um, "Dr. Love" talks about how Louisiana's violent game bill got blocked the very same day it came into effect, Mythic gets bought by EA and works toward Warhammer Online, and the Nintendo DS will soon have Opera for web browsing. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata also talks game pricing and Lumines Live for Xbox 360 will charge you twice; once for the game and once for multiplayer.

Brad divulges many details about the upcoming Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar expansion pack and a listener calls in to ask us what our inspiration for starting the podcast was. Lots to hear in this longer episode, so gets to downloadin'!

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