Poweruser.tv Episode 29: RIAA, Chip Implants and Flying Cars

In the news this week: Blog readership is apparently down, but Brad thinks there is a correlation between big news events like the 2004 election and blogging popularity. Also the RIAA is at it again. They've banned the selling of pre-loaded iPods. Fine. Then they also stated that ripping your music CD's that you purchased to your iPod is not "fair use". Not fine. Feel free to express your outrage in the show comments.

Also, ID chips have been implanted in American workers for the first time, someone has invented a very useful clothes washer that will wash, dry and iron, and is the flying car on the way? We've been hearing rumblings about it since the 1920's, so surely they are just around the corner.

We have another call to create a video game, but this time it's from researchers at the University of Southern California and they want you to invent the "World of Peacecraft" or similar. Perhaps someone will invent the thing while power-lunching with their clubmates in WoW, where there is now an online version of a country club. (Brad not invited). We have an update on the "StarForce" gang and Brad lets us in on a Star Wars: Empire at War review. Plus a question from a listener about n00bs – should we enslave them all? (We're paraphrasing). Check it out!

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