Premiership Wall Chart

I got an email from those great guys over at, so take it away guys...

    Remember the World Cup Wall Chart?

    Since Brazil lifted the cup, we've been working on a new Wall Chart for the English FA Premiership 2002/3.

    Like the World Cup Wall Chart, it's free. Grab yourself a copy today and you'll have something to do this weekend while the Premiership takes a break.

    The Premiership Wall Chart has team and player details, results, tables and stats (loads of stats - more than 250 tables on every team, player and even refs). There's also an occasional series of articles about the Premiership and other football issues.

    Starting later this month you'll be able to join in and make your own opinions known through our online community, with forums on teams, stats, opinions and anything else you want to talk about.

    This is just the start. We hope to add more features as the season progresses, including "what-ifs" and a super-stats module. It's also only the first in a series of sports Wall Charts.

News source: fibonacci - Premiership Wall Chart

Download: Premiership Wall Chart 2.0.2 (1.59mb, including all software and data/scores up to and including 7th October)

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