Pro Gamer Makes Six Figures Traveling the World to Compete

At a glance Jonathan Wendel may not seem intimidating, but meet his alter-ego "Fatal1ty" on the playing fields some of the world's most popular shooters and you're likely to end up in a crumpled heap quivering at his feet. Having played video games since his father sat him in front on a Nintendo system at age 5; he has become known as a legend among his peers.

Since going pro in 2000 he has maintained a six figure income, although most of that is reinvested into his business ventures. He grants himself a modest $15,000.00 a year salary, which is used to cover his expenses including his monthly rent which is less than $500.00. This year alone he expects to make $200,000.00 in winnings and product sales and endorsements.

News source: Corpus Christi Caller-Times / Associated Press

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