PS3 Sells 1 Million in PAL Regions

The PS3 has become PAL's fastest ever selling console, shifting 1 million units since its launch in March 10 weeks ago. This beats records previously held by the Playstation and PS2 and probably represents the importance of a better games line-up to launch consoles in.

As far as first-party software goes in PAL territories, Sony also confirmed to GameSpot that Resistance: Fall of Man was the top seller so far, having shifted some 600,000 units, and MotorStorm is revving in second place with a total of approximately 500,000 sales.

In April it was announced that the console had reached the 800,000 milestone, with CEO Howard Stringer commenting, "We came into the [European market] with more games, and perhaps we lived up to the expectations in Europe in a way that perhaps we didn't in Japan."

News source: Gamespot

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