Quebec Enforces Language Laws on Video Games

The Canadian province of Quebec has decided to begin enforcing Quebec's Law 101 on retailers selling video games within the province. Law 101 is the law within Quebec that states that all commercial displays (including wrappers on CDs and games and other publically displayed/sold items and commercial advertisements) within the province must be either bi-lingual with French being the more prominent language (French must be on the sign, and it has to stand out more), or that the signs must only be written in French. Ammendments to Law 101 have also added things such as software to the items covered under Law 101: "Any software, including any game software or operating system [... ] must be available in French, unless there is not any French version."

As a result, many video game retailers in the province have been forced to remove large sections of their inventory. Why? Because the covers, in-game menus/dialogue, and instruction manuals are in English only.

News source: Evil Avatar

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