Razer offering Nabu wearable for $1 for 500 beta testers and $50 for developers

Razer, known for creating premium hardware products, is throwing its hat into the ring, hoping to create a distinguishable product for the wearable category. The Razer Nabu is aiming to provide users with an unobtrusive new way to receive and share information. 

The Nabu looks similar to other bands, but is designed with the notification screen located on the underside of the device. This allows for a less intrusive experience, as surrounding individuals won't be able to see the incoming notifications. The OLED display (128 x 32 pixels) is activated through motion and it is how Razer is able to accomplish a quoted battery life of five to seven days. The band is also IP54 water resistant, which should allow you to go about your daily life without having to remove it.

How will the Razer Nabu Smartband be different from other bands currently available?

Razer has made a free SDK available to those who want to create applications for the Nabu. In order to lure developers, Razer is offering a Nabu Developer Edition for $49.99 USD to those that qualify. The current developer site is not available, but should become active as we get closer to the release.

The second differentiating factor of the Nabu is its social discovery feature. The Nabu will feature what Razer has dubbed "Pulse", a proprietary wireless communication technology that will detect other Nabu wearers that are nearby. If you come in contact with other Nabu wearers you have the option to share social media profiles or add them as a contact. 

The Razer Nabu will be a companion piece to your iOS or Android smartphone. Although there isn't a firm release date, Razer is allowing people to register on its website to become one of the first 500 people to own a Nabu Smartband. If chosen, these participants will be part of a beta program that will allow Razer to fine tune the hardware and software before it's officially released to the public. These participants will be able to purchase the Nabu for $1 USD.

The first 500 Nabu Smartbands will begin shipping on July 10th, 2014. 

Source: RazerImage via Razer

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