Red Orchestra: Osfront 41-45 free week in progress

Well, better late than never I suppose. Due to the sites "technical" issues over the past few days I was unable to post this until now. So, have at it folks.
The free full-game trial for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is now underway. The free trial period features the full RO: Ostfront game including the recently released Free Booster Pack which includes a new mission (Lyes Krovy), smoke grenades for commanders, and many other gameplay enhancements. The free trial lasts from now until August 7th.
If you haven't pre-loaded the game by now, simply load up Steam and load the game up. If you have already, just start playing (though if you already did load it, I'm assuming you already know the game is available! and have fun for the next few days. Enjoy yourselves everyone, RO has seen a near 50% increase in players over the last couple of days, so there are plenty of people to frag along with. If you like your WW2 action realistically portrayed, look no further than RO.

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