References to Project Pink devices 'Turtle' & 'Pure' found in Zune software

Just days after blogger Long Zheng discovered references to a "Zune Phone" in the latest Zune Software, the Zuneboards community has discovered additional references.

Buried deep in the latest Zune software are pointers to "eEndpointFamilyPmxPure" and "eEndpointFamilyPmxTurtle", the 'Turtle' and 'Pure' devices that leaked in September 2009. After the original "Zune Phone" references, Neowin questioned Microsoft over the findings. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed "we have no plans to create a Zune phone." The spokesperson also stated that one day Zune could be "part of the phone experience" but added there had been no announcements by the software giant regarding how or if that would happen.

"Project Pink" is an internal name used by Microsoft to refer to a set of devices built from the Windows Mobile 7 framework and Microsoft branded but not Microsoft manufactured. Recently, Microsoft employees and Danger employees (a company Microsoft acquired in 2008) have been Tweeting #tmdp which appears to be a reference to "Project Pink" as the Tweets all say "From Danger".

Zuneboards also found references to a video sharing service that Microsoft may be planning to launch shortly. Named "Studio", the service is expected to allow users to upload footage from phone cameras. If Microsoft is placing these references into the Zune software now then their launch is imminent. Microsoft plans to hold a press conference at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next month. On a conference call with investors on Thursday January 28 Microsoft executives confirmed the company would share more details on its mobile plans and mobile future at MWC.

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