Report claims Google working on "Project Tango" 3D mapping tablet

In February, Google officially announced "Project Tango", which centers on developing a smartphone that contains sensors made to map the space around it in 3D. Now Project Tango is reportedly diversifying its hardware efforts and a tablet version is said to be in development as well.

The Project Tango smartphone was first revealed by Google in February.

The Wall Street Journal, which cites unnamed sources, claims that the 7-inch tablet will have two rear cameras and infrared depth sensors that will allow the device to map 3D objects in the real world. The report says that Google will make 4,000 of the prototype tablets that will be send to developers in June so they can work on creating applications that will use the 3D mapping hardware. June also happens to be the month when Google will hold its annual I/O conference.

While Google has not stated when the first Project Tango devices will be made available to the general public, the company is lending two of its smartphone prototypes to NASA as part of a robot testing program on board the International Space Station. The phones were supposed to be sent to the ISS this month but there's no word on whether or not that has been accomplished yet.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Image via Google

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