Report: GPU prices creeping back up after a promising dip in cost last quarter

Last quarter, we reported that the prices for graphics cards were coming down as the trend showed an apparent downward movement of retail GPU prices. Sadly, however, it seems things haven't quite materialized the way it was thought.

Latest pricing data from 3DCenter gathered from the same major German retail outlets are now showing a slow but steady rise in the asking price of the graphics cards from both the Green (Nvidia) and Red (AMD) camps.

GPU retail pricing till September 2021

In fact, after the last quarterly report, there was an even steeper decline in prices during late June and early July. This trend however did not continue as the prices settled for around this level for the next month. Since August though, the retail GPU prices have started to creep back up slowly.

Currently, the average pricing for AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce cards are 74% and 70% above their respective official MSRPs.

Multiple factors could be affecting the prices of the GPUs. First, there is the existing global chip shortage crisis which has also started to adversely influence GDDR6 memory chip prices as well, which is in turn affecting the prices of the graphics cards for this generation.

There are also reports of fresh COVID outbreaks in China that are seemingly affecting the factory production output levels of GPUs.

Source and image: 3DCenter

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