Resistance PS3 Game Uses 22 Gigabytes of Blu-ray Disc

According to Ryan Schneider, spokesman for Insomniac Games, "Resistance: Fall of Man" Blu-ray PS3 game is making good use of the new format, using up a massive 22 gigabytes for music, level data, textures and code. These discs can only hold 25 gigabytes in total per layer. Pointing to the fact that HD-DVD cannot store this much information on a single layer disc, he kind of threw some sand in Microsoft and Toshiba's eyes. He said for this reason of extra storage capacity, this game will be PS3/Blu-ray only.

Schneider offered some distinguishing stats (which he called MTV News on Tuesday to further clarify). The game, he said, currently takes up 22 Gigabytes of memory on a Blu-Ray disc, the new disc format supported by the PS3 that is one-half of a VHS-vs.-Betamax format war erupting between tech companies throughout the year. While the music and vocals in "Resistance" take up only about 1 Gigabyte of disc space, graphics, level data and programming code occupy most of the remaining 21.

News source: CDFreaks

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