Revision3 cuts shows from lineup

Fans of the popular Internet-based television network Revision3 may notice a bit of a change in the programming line-up when they tune in next week. Jim Louderback announced today on the company blog that five shows, including Pixel Perfect, PopSiren, Internet Superstar, Epic Fu, and Wine Library, will either be ending their run immediately on the network, or, in Epic Fu's case, be phased out by December. The move come as unstable economic conditions pervade throughout the globe, causing belt-tightening in all aspects of life.

Of particular note is Pixel Perfect, which, as Louderback says, "delivered essentially a graduate level course in graphic design and technique" over its 100+ episode run; the program was finally cut simply because executives believe it had run its course, and had little new ground to tread. On the other hand, PopSiren and Internet Superstar were given the axe after consistently low ratings; although they had "great promise", they never quite found their audience. Finally, Wine Library and Epic Fu will be leaving Revision3 due to the network's termination of its distribution agreements with the shows. However, fans should take heart as these shows will still be produced from their respective sites.

Revision3 was an interesting paradigm shift when it first debuted, offering a targeted lineup of shows for Internet distribution, on the hopes that these shows would attract a dedicated viewer following. Although this isn't the first time that the network has cut shows, new content is on its way, as seven new shows were launched on Revision3Beta this month.

All old episodes from these five shows will still be available from Revision3's show archives.

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