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Rockstar Games acquires GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 role-play modders Cfx.re

Cover art of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2

In an unusual move for this publisher, Rockstar Games has officially acquired a team of PC modders known as Cfx.re who have made very popular mod tools and servers for the PC versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

In a news post, Rockstar Games announced that Cfx.re "are now officially a part of Rockstar Games." The group created tools and hosts servers for the GTA V roleplay mod client FiveM and do the same for the RDD II mod client RedM.

In its announcement, Rockstar Games said it had "recently expanded our policy on mods" to add the roleplay mods like FiveM and RedM. It added:

By partnering with the Cfx.re team, we will help them find new ways to support this incredible community and improve the services they provide to their developers and players.

In its own announcement on this new partnership, Cfx.re stated:

This is a huge step forward in the growth of our community, and an opportunity for us to work with Rockstar Games to advance the FiveM platform and the creative community surrounding it.

While our day-to-day operations won’t have any noticeable changes, with Rockstar’s support, we are going to continue to improve our platform and we are truly excited for what this means for our users, community, and creators!

The team added that the deal is just for support for the group's FiveM and RedM tools and servers, stating, "So please, do not ask us about the next GTA!"

Rockstar added that it will reveal more about what to expect from this new partnership "in the weeks and months ahead." Neither side stated any specific financial terms of this new collaboration.

While the Cfx.re team might want to downplay their connection with future Rockstar games, it's more than likely that it will help the GTA VI team with creating roleplaying mod tools and servers for that game when it launches.

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