Roxio GoBack v3.11

Thanks Jason for sending us this update. GoBack 3 Deluxe delivers quick and easy system recovery, providing award-winning protection to Windows PCs. It gives you the power to immediately restore healthy system configurations and lost or damaged data on your own in seconds. GoBack protects you from system crashes, virus damage, failed software installations, even user error, by letting you easily return to a time when your computer worked.

GoBack 3.11 Deluxe Changes

  • Support added for Microsoft Windows XP. (NOTE: Beta releases of Windows XP are NOT supported. Only the final release of Windows XP is supported.)
  • GoBack 3.1x is only compatible with the Windows NT/2000/XP boot loader. GoBack is not compatible with third party boot managers. Examples of third party boot managers include, but are not limited to, PowerQuest's Boot Magic and VCommunications System Commander.
  • GoBack 3.1x Deluxe now supports French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and English.
  • Support was added for hibernation/stand-by in Windows 2000/XP.
  • On updating GoBack you will no longer lose your current GoBack history. (Note: On Windows 2000/XP systems when Hibernation is enabled you will lose your current GoBack history. This will only happen the first time.
  • Driver enhancements to improve robustness.
  • Logging of process starts by GoBack was improved.
  • You can now double-click filters in the GoBack Drive window View> Edit filters option to edit the filters.
  • Install setup will now try additional times to create the GOBACKIO.BIN file before sending out the "Excessive disk activity prevents install" message.
  • Updated install messaging for clarity.
  • Support added for an issue with HP Diagnostic disks, these were drives with a type 84 beginning partition on disk #1.
  • Common controls were changed to add the Windows XP themes. This will only be visible on Windows XP systems where the Windows appearance is set to Windows XP Theme.
Download: GoBack 3.11 Update Patch (CD version) XP Compatible (7.87mb)

Download: GoBack 3.11 Update Patch (Electronic Software Download version) XP Compatible (7.87mb)

Download: German, Spanish, French or Italian patch

View: GoBack Support

View: Fixes, Changes and Known Problems with GoBack 3.11

View: GoBack Product Page

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