Rumor: GameCube To Be Available For $100 Dollars

In a surprising rumor coming out of and the "Q-Man", whom reports rumors for Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, Nintendo may decide to cut the price of the GameCube system in the U.S. to just $100. Price cuts for all three consoles are said to be possibly imminent because of the approaching Holiday season. According to the rumor, Playstation 2 and Xbox will drop to $150. This leaves Nintendo with a staggering low price for a next-generation console and a $50 advantage over the other consoles. The price-drops would most likely be revealed soon after Thanksgiving.

Nintendo has stated that it's December announcement will cause a great increase in sales of the GameCube. Many of our readers have speculated that exclusive GCN games could be in the works, or a lineup of online games will be announced causing a surge in system sales; something that was disputed by our staff in our last mailbag edition. A price drop of the GameCube hardware seems to be the most fitting scenario for what Nintendo claims would be a very dramatic increase in the systems sales.

Sony, however, has just recently said they are not looking to drop the price of the PS2 console in time for the Holiday season. This month we also learned that Microsoft has been losing double digit millions on it's Xbox console, well over $100 million in just three months, which would mean even more of a loss for Microsoft if the price is reduced to $150. We will keep you updated.

News source: Nintendophiles

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