Rumor: New Macbook Air and iMac to have Retina display

There is a set of new rumors regarding the MacBook Air and iMac. For those who do not know, the MacBook Pro is already rumored to have a redesign according to this article. The redesign is rumored to include a thinner version of the current model, with USB 3.0 and a Retina display. According to 9to5Mac, the MacBook Air and iMac will receive similar treatment.

Apple is reported to be working on new 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch MacBook Air models. These new versions will include power-efficent Ivy Bridge processors and improved graphics to support the higher resolutions required for Retina displays. In addition, the laptops will support improved internal battery technology designed by Apple to support the power requirements required to support Retina displays.

According to the report, the power requirements and thin-and-light form factor of the Air may pose challenges for production. Due to this, there is no timeline for the release of the new Air models. In addition, Apple is not sure whether USB 3.0 will be included in the new Air models.

According to ABC News, the iMac will also receive an update as well:

While the design of the laptop might be similar (though thinner), the part of the laptop you spend the most time looking at is getting a major overhaul — the screen. The laptop will see the introduction of the “Mac Retina Display,” which is said to have a very high resolution. ABC News has similarly heard from its own sources that both the next MacBook Pro and the iMac would be getting very, very high resolution displays. Apple refreshed its new iPad with a Retina Display in March.

The iMac will also receive Ivy Bridge processors, updated graphics, and USB 3.0. According to David Barnard, the Retina display will present itself in a different fashion on the 27-inch iMac due to display restrictions.  Apple could build a display at 3840x2400 resolution that presents itself with a Retina workspace of 1920x1200. This means at 1x the display would have 84 pixels per inch (ppi) and at 2x the display would have 168 ppi in order to prevent distortion of elements (icons, etc.) and problems with the user interface.

The company seems committed to deploying Retina displays across its entire line, even if the rollout takes additional time.

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