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Rumor: Top-tier Apple Watch to reach $5,000 price tag

Apple unveiled its brand new Watch wearable a couple of months ago, with the announcement that the device will come in three flavors: sport, steel and gold.

While we knew the basic sports version of the Watch will have a starting price of $350, the other two more expensive models were never officially price-tagged. But a new rumor claims to put these questions to rest with some interesting price ranges.

The info comes from iGen, who’ve had a good record at predicting recent Apple product launches. They’re quoting unnamed sources to report that the stainless steel version of the Apple Watch will come to market with a $500 price tag.

However, that’s nothing compared to the $4,000-$5,000 you’ll have to spend to get your hands on an “Edition”, gold model, which is Apple’s top-tier. Those numbers are much higher than previous estimates which have always set the “Edition” watches just above the $1,000 line.

Edition models are crafted out of 18-karat gold and feature sapphire crystal alongside a number of luxurious straps all of which will inflate the price of the device. However there’s still one unknown detail that may actually factor the most in the price of this device: whether the entire chassis is solid gold as some previous rumors suggest or whether the device is simply gold plated.

Depending on which way that question gets answered, the price tag of top tier Apple Watches may be much heftier than many were expecting. And to cap things off the same report claims that Apple is looking for a launch around Valentine’s Day for next year, however this doesn't line up with what we already know.

Of course this is still only a rumor at this stage, so all the info should be taken with a large grain of salt, but we’ll no doubt know more in the near future.

Source: iGen via: Apple Insider

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